Yelawolf Bones Owens DJ Klever Austin 2016

Yelawolf опубликовал видео, на котором он, вместе с Bones Owens и DJ Klever, прогуливается по улице Остина и читает фристайл.

Текст фристайла:

Mamma said I was on the high to hell
I hitched a ride with homicide
I’m drivin blind and readin braille
Oh well
Still gotta hottie on the balcony of a Double Tree
Had her wrapped around my finger this shit is puppetry , uppiddy bitches no , she like cuttin her britches low
I’m fuckin country I’m David Allan Coe
Willie Nelson , who else s in ?
Eminem with a bucket tin
Nah , a tin bucket with a fuckin fishin pole in a bucket swim
Fuck it we all up shits creek
Marshall he picked a pepper the rapper who chose me
Is as country as I am
Just richer tan I’ll be ….. Maybe
Have you heard my shit lately ?
36 and still dirty bitch droppin these hits daily
So fuck what you call a hit
And fuck who you call a hick
Talk shit on SLUMERICAN dig a hole and fall in it
That’s all it is